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Effective Tips for Improving Chinese Listening Skills

Updated: Apr 21

Another challenge when learning Mandarin is listening comprehension. Many learners struggle with listening even though they can speak good Chinese.

When it comes to improving listening skills, adults like myself believe developing strong listening skills in your native language first is beneficial. Imagine, if you don't understand written words in your native language, how can you grasp them spoken in another language? Here are some tips to improve your Mandarin listening skills:

  1. Increase your vocabulary and understanding of sentence structures.

  2. Grasp the background and context of what's being said.

  3. Practice active listening - pay attention to details, remember information, and take notes.

  4. Train your ear to Mandarin sounds by regularly listening to videos, films, radio, or other audio materials for 10-20 minutes daily.

  5. When learning new topics, fully understand the written text before listening to it. Then, try to retell what you heard.

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